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The Ukraine escort girl - 2. erotic story

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The dinner was over, we were both full with the food and the wine, and had a great conversation. Sometimes when it was about the business, Dmitry and the others were talking in Ukrainian. I was there as an Ukraine escort girl but the couple thought we were just friends with benefits. Anyway, they had some contract and papers with them, and both Dmitry and Sergey looked very happy at the end, so I think the business went well. At the end Dmitry paid the bills, we were sitting there talking another 30 minutes, then left. We called a taxi with Dmitry, Sergey said he will come back a little bit later. I was an Ukraine escort girl “only”, but I felt he just wanted to polite with Dmitry, that’s why he stayed a little more. I think Dmitry was the boss between them, or at least the dominant.

Ukraine escort girl has a great fuck

As we got back to the hotel, Dmitry and I went to our room, we opened a wine and had a great conversation. He was talking about his construction business, about his past and family. I sat closer and closer to him, and we started to kiss soon… He touched my boobs while I was petting his body everywhere. I started to massage his lovely dick, slowly opened his trousers and started to play inside with his cock. He got very hard soon, so I grabbed the dick and laid in his lab. He could feel my warm mouth on his cock again, I knew how much he enjoyed it. I put his dick deeper and deeper, rubbing his dick and looking in his eyes. He didn’t let me to suck his dick for too long, he grabbed me, opened my legs and started to lick my little pussy. In that moment I was glad to be an Ukraine escort girl with such a great lover like Dmitry. He moved his fingers in and out, using his tongue professionally. He was a confident, muscular man full of energy, but he used his mouth softly which I liked a lot. When I almost came, he kneeled up in front of the couch and put his dick into my pussy. I was tight, so he had to move a little bit until he could put the dick deep enough. He started to hold my tits while moving harder and harder in my pussy. We were both groaning as his dick perfectly fulfilled my pussy, I loved that dick so much, I’m always wet when I think back on him… We changed positions, he wanted to fuck his little Ukraine escort girl from behind, so I turned around on the couch and he penetrated my pussy in doggy posture. Uhh it went so-so deep inside me… I had to scream loud from the intensity of the orgasm I had after just a few movements… Dmitry felt that I came and I’ve heard he was coming as well. ‘Ohh baby, fuck yeah I am coming, I cum inside you!” I’ve started to play with his balls as I could reach them to make him an even bigger orgasm, he was shouting while he was pumping his sperm inside me… The whole action took about 30 minutes, but I felt like we made sex for hours. We fall asleep in minutes….

It didn’t take long time after we fall asleep, that Dmitry’s phone started to ring. I was sure it was Sergey, Dmitry started to talk in his mother language. He told me that he goes to meet Sergey in the other room, I should refresh myself as it’s too early to sleep and we should meet in 30 minutes. So he went away and I started to prepare myself. I was a little bit tired, but the whole situation was exciting. I felt that Dmitry likes me a lot, I just hoped that they had no problem to share me. Or do they? We will see… Anyway I was just an Ukraine escort girl, anything could happen.

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So as I promised I was fully prepared in 15 minutes and went to their room. Both the guys were drinking vodka-lime, so they told me to do so. We were chatting about the night, little bit about their work and about mine. Sergey was a nice guy, he seemed to be more emotional than Dmitry. He asked a lot of questions about me, and I felt good during the conversation. After about 30 minutes Dmitry said good bye to us, I knew what was the meaning of it. I had to stay with Sergey, which was okay from my side. We all knew what was going around and it was fun. So Dmitry went away, and I stayed there with Sergey. He asked me to sit next to him, he started petting my legs and smoothen my back. In two minutes we were kissing. It was a bit weird situation, but an Ukraine escort girl have to be prepared for everything.

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Soon I was sucking Sergey’s cock, it was bigger than Dmitry’s. I felt Sergey likes to feel more the GFE, the girlfriend experience, so I was sensual and handled his dick like a girlfriend. I sucked him for about 10 minutes, when he turned me around and penetrated from behind… Uhhh, his dick was huge… I felt he was very horny from the drinks, he started to fuck me the Ukraine escort girl slowly and asked me if I have pain. I was wet enough so pushed my pussy on his dick, it went deep and I enjoyed it a lot. His dick was a little bit big, so I needed time to be relaxed. He fucked me stronger and stronger, I felt his desire in every movement. I knew that it’s going to be a short sex, and I had right.. After about 5 minutes Sergey started to pulsate and cum into my pussy, he was groaning and shouting… He came loud and long, I loved to watch his face… This was the first but I was sure, not the last sex with Sergey…

After I had sex with Dmitry and Sergey I felt a little bit strange, but this was my work to do. Both Ukrainian guys were nice, real gentlemen and good in the bed with dicks I loved to work on. The next day morning we met downstairs in the lobby. I slept with Sergey, but in the middle of the night I woke up so the morning caught me in the room as I went back to my own bed. So I prepared in my own bathroom before I went down to have a breakfast. Dmitry and Sergey were already there, they were smiling on me and invited me to sit there. I was sure they were talking about me before I arrived, I could see it on their face. I smiled back, as every Ukraine escort girl would do and with sexy steps went there to have the food with them. To be honest I loved the hotel, but the breakfast was nothing exceptional. The normal continental breakfast with salamis, ham and eggs. I could eat just a little while we were chatting. The guys told me that they have to leave tomorrow, so unfortunately my work will be over today. They prepared my flight ticket back with their secretary, and they want to see me again very soon as they’ve enjoyed my company. I told them that I felt the same, and hope we are going to have a nice final day.

Ukraine escort girl with two men

Dmitry and Sergey told me they had a small surprise, they’ve rented one part of the hotel wellness just for three of us. So they invited me to be there in an hour after the breakfast, to have sauna, Jacuzzi, massage and whatever I wanted. Of course I was happy, so I went back to the room and immediately headed to the wellness-spa. I asked the reception where is our private place, they showed me and give me extra towels. It was really a small, private part of the wellness area with a smaller swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and drinks prepared for us. When I arrived the boys were already in the Jacuzzi drinking so I went there as well. They asked me if it’s possible to be with them at the same time for some big extra. First I was shocked a little bit, but I said why not, I just asked them to be kind with me.

Escort in Ukraine is sucking two dicks

The boys stood up and I had to suck their cock while I was kneeling in the water. They put the water warm, gave me vodka to drink when we had a little break. Dmitry was sitting half-way out, he just let his legs in the water. I went there and sucked his dick for about 10 minutes. Then Sergey came next to me and I sucked his then Dmitry’s dick again. Both guys were horny and started to fuck my mouth…

As I was sucking the Ukrainian clients dick I started to be wet. Both Sergey and Dmitry had well-sized cocks so I’ve enjoyed taking care of them in the hot water. I was a little bit dizzy as I drank vodka, I was in the hot spa plus I had no breath when I was holding the dicks in my mouth, but I felt the whole situation to be exciting. The first shock to be with the two men went away, I wanted to feel them everywhere inside my body. Soon Sergey made me stand up, he started to kiss me and my boobs, while Dmitry was looking at us rubbing his cock. Sergey asked me to suck him while I show my ass towards Dmitry. I started to do it and I felt the penetration from behind, hmmm, was so exciting, one dick in my mouth and other in my pussy from behind. The guys started to fuck both holes and I get more horny. After a few minutes they changed positions and I had to suck Dmitry’s dick again while Sergey fucked my pussy from behind. As an Ukraine escort girl I’ve never imagined to have so much fun with these guys who looked a bit cold at the beginning.

Soon we went out from the Jacuzzi and fucked in one of the sofas. Dmitry laid down, I went over him but turned around so I could sit on his dick with my ass. This was our deal, to make a double penetration for a big extra. As I’ve never tried this before, but as an Ukraine escort girl I had the chance to almost double my money which I had to receive, I agreed. It took some time to sit on the dick of Dmitry with my ass, and as soon as I was in Sergey came over the fuck my pussy. It was strange and painful, but very exciting and I could enjoy it as well. I’ve told the guys to take care of me as this position can be harmful. At the end the guys said it was enough and asked me to have normal anal with me. Both they fucked my nasty little hole, while the other made me suck his dick at the same time. At the end they both came on my tits and I had to lick and eat their sperm. As we were drinking during the sex we were both naughty and horny enough, it was a pleasure for both of us.

A great experience as an escort in Ukraine

All together this Ukraine escort girl work was a great experience with two real gentlemen, I hope to get back to Kiev to meet them again. They guys gave me twice as much as normally they had to pay, I was very happy that I could make so much money while I had fun as well. I will come back with some other escort stories I had in my past, kiss you!

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